Mr. Saurabh Pinjani

AIR-78, Bombay

I was prof. Dayanidhi Mahanta's studdent in class 12th. He taught me physics for JEE and Olypaids. I feel his teaching methodology is par excellence. I have benefitted immensely from his vast knowledge. He always encouraged his students to develop an out of the box approach towards questions which is very important for compitative exams like JEE. He also has a knack for developing new and creative problems which expand one's horizon of knowledge. He explained concepts in a lucid and coherent manner and made me learning fun. Moreover he also encouraged class participation by often initiating fruitful class discussions. Prof. Dayanidhi is very enthusiastic about teaching and hence was always open to addressing students questions and was very approachable. I am immensely greatful to him for his guidance and mentorship during my JEE preparations.

Mr. Ananth Kamath

AIR - 99, IISc., Bengaluru

I am Ananth Kamath, a student of the 2nd year classroom program of FIITJEE, Bangalore during 2011-2013. Dayanidhi sir was my physics teacher from the middle of class 11 till the day of JEE-Advanced. Dayanidhi sir was an excellent Physics teacher, and has a very good approach to problem solving. He had a short and intuitive solution to every difficult Physics problem. In the beginning I was unable to slove many difficult problems in exams as my solutions were too lengthly. After Dayanidhi Sir's guidance, I was able to solve most problems in Physics, and consistently got the highest marks in Physics among FIITJEE, Bangalore students. Physics become my strongest subject, and I could use my preparation time for other subjects. Dayanidhi sir is also a very friendly and approachable teacher. I have had several personal discussions with him regarding interesting Physics problems, and also regarding my personal problems and difficulties. Dayanidhi sir's excellent teaching and guidance was one of the main reasons for my ranks in JEE-Mains and JEE-Advanced, and I benefited from his approach towards Physics even during my classes at IISc. I strongly recommend Dayanidhi sir as a Physics teacher and mentor for preparation for the competative exams.

Mr. SK. Sahajan Hassain

AIR-8642, NEET Score-561

I have well ambition to become a future doctor. This ambition is now fulfilled by cracking NEET-2017. I have qualified both for State and all India quata. This achievement is done by the guidance of Dayanidhi(DYN) sir and other expert faculties. Mr. Dayanidhi sir guided me to solve problems of Physics which is a key subject to crack NEET the methodology provided by Mr. DYN sir help me so much to crack NEET-2017. I am very much thanks to my all teachers and parents.

Mr. Sanjay Moudgalya

AIR-510, IIT Kanpur

Dayanidhi sir is an expert in providing the simplest, most elegant solution to any problem. His method of carefully introducing concepts in an order that is easy to grasp, along with the jovial atmosphere in his class helped me learn a lot of Physics. His teaching was not only extremely useful during competative exams but also kindled my interest in Physics that eventually led me to pursue a PhD.