Mr. Pranav Kaundinya

JEE Rank 3336, MIT

My name is Pranav Kaundinya and I graduated from MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technoligy) with my BS and MEng in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) in 2015. Mr. Dayanidhi Mahanta was my pre-university Physics teacher from 2009-2011 and by far the best physics teacher I ever had in school. He inculcates a love for physics and problem solving in his students. His teaching gave me a through foundation in physics that help me in comppetative exams like KVPY(fellow 2009-2011), olympaids and JEE(rank-3336). More importantly, I believe that his emphasis on relying on the fundamental concepts while thinking out of the box improved my general problem-solving ability. He is a very committed teacher- he was willing to go to the extra mile to ensure that we got all the support we needed to be successful. This included conducting several extra classes outside scheduled hours, providing additional materal and hours of doubt clarification sessions. Overall, I would strongly recommend any course managed and/or taught by Mr. Mahanta.

Mr. Sanjay Natra

AIR-61, E.C.E, IIT Guwahati

I was a former student of Mr. Dayanidhi Mahanta and an enthusiast of physics, I still remember how Mr. Dayanidhi Mahanta aced in his teaching, and created intrest in every student of class and made them excel in physics. He made us solve problems in a more creative and intelligent manner. After sir was appointed, even the problem I used to solve before, appeared easier and I started to solve them more effectively and creatively. He had a prominent role to me, cracking IIT. IITs are the utopia to the aspiring Engineering students. They deserve to be your destination. They never fail to give you the knowledge, opportunities and have better infrastructures- all you can dream of. They can make you a better person and help you in every way to successed in life.

Mr. G Vineeth Reddy

AIR-2052, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad

The main aspects of an IItian is thinking differently from what most of the people think. Dayanithi sir's classes's made me think out of box for each problemI came across and made me find the best yet simple solution for that problem. His teachings gave me a new way to approach to problems in physicsand made me understand how all the topics are interrelated which made the problems feel easier to me.
I like his motto "It's not the problem that matters, It's the way U look at it".
Thank you sir, for the valuable lessonsyou have taught me which made me unique and made me what i am today.

Mr. Nivyanth Sai

AIR-1969, IIT Dhanbad

Clearing JEE doesn't need year to hard work. Making a good effort with the right approach makes you the achiever, not every can make you this understand, but Dayanidhi sir is able to do that with me. He said "There is no hard or easy problem but only the problem itself". It depend on you; your ability and approach towards it whick makes all the difference. "His creative and vibrant ways in making me understand the concepts made me to be where I am now and I could say from my heart that I still use many of his tricks and techniques.
One of the reasons I stand a contour above others in the inspiration which he gave to develop ideas different from others.
Not only me but he helped many others to pull their best. Not everyone can get such a guide and tutor.
I am thankful to him in all the ways there can be.