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This clause clarifies that using our website and other services provided by APlus IIT Academy is that you are entering into a legally binding with us.
By using our website or services you are abiding by the TERMS AND CONDITIONS that furnished in this document by APlus IIT Academy which is the sole authority to change or modify the "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" at any instance of time without any prior notification. It is adviced that student shall regularly check the terms. If you don't agree with TERM AND CONDITIONS provided by APlus IIT Academy, thereto, you must not use our website or our services. In any case, if any matter has to go to the court, only District Court: Khurda shall have jurisdiction to decide such matters.
APlus IIT institute provides you with courses like
  • Mathematics, General Science (P, C, B).
  • Mental Ability for Class 7th to 10th.
  • Mathematics, Physics, chemistry for Class 11th & 12th.
  • Mathematics Steam(Engineering).
Fee Structure
For individual attendance, on a course, a deposit is required at the time of booking. The balance is due 14 days prior to the commencement of the course.
Method of Payment
All fees are payable in the mode of Indian Rupees, Cheque or Post-dated Cheque*, Online Payment.
A monthly instalment scheme that introduced by APlus IIT Academy is available for convenience payment for the offline course. A maximum number of the instalmentis four.
If anyone failed to pay the decided instalment amount that specifies in monthly instalment scheme should be barred from all the services of APlus Academy until the payment issue is resolved.
*Post Dated Cheque is mandatory for the students who choose instalment payment.
Online and e-learning course
Online and e-learning course requires full payment prior to course commencement. Payment should be made with online method or offline method and online payment should be done through own risk. APlus Academy will not be liable for any online Banking fraud.
scholarship/fee waiver
Performance in Grand Scholarship Test or GST will determine the amount of scholarship or fee waiver of a student who takes admission in one of the several programmes in A+ IIT Academy.
  • For rank 1, 100% tuition fees will be waived
  • For rank 2, 95% tuition fees will be waived
  • For rank 3, 90% tuition fees will be waived
  • For rank 4 to 10, 80% tuition fees will be waived
  • For ranks 11 to 20, 60% tuition fees will be waived
  • For ranks 21 to 40, 50% tuition fees will be waived
  • For ranks 41 to 80, 40% tuition fees will be waived
  • For ranks, 81 to 100,30% tuition fees will be waived
To avail all of these fee waivers, students have to take admission/registration before 10th March 2018.
All prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without any prior notice on the preference of APlus IIT Academy.
APlus IIT Academy has study program listed below :
  • Pre-medical
  • Pre-Engineering
  • Pre -Foundation
  • Short-term program
G20 and JJ20 Admission
For taking admission to any course through G-20 and JJ-20 programme, a student must score at least 50% marks in GST and parental income should be less than Rs15,000 per month.
The student/parent must put forward valid income proof of less than Rs15,000 per month to get admission through G-20 and JJ-20 programme.
Online course booking of a course is not valid until full payment or advance payment against the course is made.
Cancellation By Institution
APlus Academy has all the rights to change or cancel the course or course dates or course educator at any time. The Institute will give three (3) working day notice where a course is cancelled or rescheduled.
In case of cancelled a course, institute will full refund of the course fees within one month.
APlus IIT Academy's right to refuse admission or require the removal of any attendee where there are doubts identity, qualification or if the attendees' behaviour is unacceptable.
All classes are taught in English or Hindi and Odia is for the Odisha Board Students.
For online classes, Registration Number is required.
If a particular class is postponed for reasons for which the Institute is responsible, such as staff illness, the Institute will ensure that the class is rescheduled or where this is not possible, to add the missed class hours on to the remaining course classes.
Public Holidays
There are no classes on public holidays unless in particular circumstances. Students will be informed if class scheduled on a public holiday.
Student Conduct
Students are expected to conduct themselves in a good manner.
If a student becomes persistently disruptive, the Institute reserves the right to give a verbal and/or written warning.
If a student is dismissed for misconduct, no refund will be given.
Students are encouraged to arrive for classes on time.
Late entry to the class is at the discretion of the lecturer.
A student will indemnify, APlus IIT Academy against any loss or damage to equipment and /or injury or death of its employees.
Course Material
Full Access to the online courses will be provided after a valid payment receipt number that physically given by the Institution or downloaded through website of the institute.
APlus Academy shall not be liable for any delay/non-delivery of purchased goods (Study materials, Online Tests, any assignments) by the vendors, trade organisation/s, manufacturers/shop etc. or in case of act of God such as flood, fire, wars, or any cause that is beyond the control of APlus IIT Academy.
APlus IIT Academy reserves the right and retains copyright to all courses developed under the provision of the Institute. The course material produced by Aplus IIT Academy is not permitted to copy or sell or hire third-party/ies for selling the course material or use of the same for own course unless a written permission of APlus IIT Academy given.